Genomics of Rare Disease

Genomics of Rare Disease

26 March 2018 - Wellcome Genome Campus, Hinxton, Cambridge

26-28 March 2018

This event explores how cutting-edge genomic research translates into clinical care and informs our understanding of the biology of rare disease.

The conference features the latest findings related to the genomic basis of rare diseases, providing insights into human biology, disease mechanisms and therapeutic approaches and provides a multi-disciplinary forum for clinicians (consultants and trainees), research and clinical scientists and bio-informaticians  interested in understanding the impact of recent advances in genomics and technology on the care of patients with rare diseases.

Topics include:

  • What's new in rare disease?
  • Lessons from large-scale whole genome studies
  • Data sharing - legal and ethical issues
  • Multiomic and single cell technologies
  • Informatic tools
  • Model organisms and systems
  • Developmental genetics
  • New therapeutic approaches to rare disease

For further information on speakers, registration and abstracts (deadline 30 January), click here.

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