COVID-19 Resources for Patients & Families

Coronavirus - The Science Explained

Provides detailed information with published international research evidence, regarding "the virus, the disease, the epidemic and its control"

Unique Website

General advice regarding COVID-19 for individuals with rare genetic disorders, including guidance, ideas, resources and sources of help. The website also links to six COVID-19 information sheets for people with rare genetic/genomic disorders, including rare chromosome and gene disorders. These sheets, produced by the British Society for Genetic Medicine, are now also presented as videos.

WellChild Website

Information specifically for parents and carers of medically complex children including a ten-point plan for keeping those children safe.

Genetic Alliance & Rare Disease UK pages

These pages now include links leading to the “Genetic Alliance UK COVID-19 Hub”, which contains information about regular virtual meetings for organisations supporting communities affected by genetic or rare conditions.

The “Contact” Organisation

Coronavirus-related information that may be useful for families, including information regarding children with health needs, implications of the Coronavirus Act 2020 for those children, welfare benefits and money, children’s education and advice on coping at home.

European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control

National information resources on COVID-19 for many European countries (in different languages), for the public.

UK NHS Guidelines

Advice to the UK public and information on symptoms, self-isolation, coronavirus in children and advice for people at higher risk.

US Guidelines

Advice and information on COVID-19 from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), including the symptoms, how to slow the spread of the virus and also detailed instructions on using and making face coverings.

World Health Organisation

Home page and COVID-19 links. It contains a section named “Advice for the Public” (including questions and answers, “Myth Busters” and travel advice) and also an interactive map providing the latest numbers for each country.

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