Working in Laboratory Genomics

Healthcare Science in Genomics offers an exciting career with application to a wide range of different clinical disciplines.  Within the UK, the Association for Clinical Genomic Science is the professional association representing Healthcare Science Assistants, Associates, Practitioners and Scientists working in laboratory genomics.  Further information can be found on their website - Association for Clinical Genomics Science.

 Healthcare Science Assistants and Associates

Healthcare Science Assistants and Associates are responsible for processing patient samples prior to testing and for performing a range of diagnostic tests.

Healthcare Science Practitioners

Healthcare Science Practitioners use their technical expertise and scientific understanding to perform a wide range of laboratory tests as well as analysing results and collating information.  More senior Practitioners may assume additional responsibilities for example in leading teams, health and safety and managing specialist laboratory equipment.  Further information about registering as a Practitioner can be obtained from the Academy for Healthcare Science.

Healthcare Scientists and Clinical Scientists

Healthcare Scientists and Clinical Scientists utilise their in-depth scientific and clinical knowledge to analyse and interpret the results of genomic tests that help in the diagnosis, management or treatment of genomic disorders.  They work closely with other Healthcare Science staff, Genetic Counsellors and Clinicians for the benefit of patients and their families.

Senior and Consultant Clinical Scientists

Senior and Consultant Clinical Scientists assume increasing responsibility for research and development, managing teams or departments and providing expert scientific and clinical advice both locally and nationally.


Information about the training required to become a Clinical Scientist can be obtained from:

NHS Education for Scotland

National School of Healthcare Science